Illustration: Frida Kahlo and pets

Illustration: Frida Kahlo and pets

I don’t know if this week’s project needs a lot of explanations: it’s a portrait inspired by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who is often represented with animals, on her paintings as well as on real-life pictures of her. I have represented her several times in the past (here for instance), and this time I really wanted to add a dimension with animals.



Mockup Scene Creator


A glimpse at intermediate versions



Things I’m not sure about: plain white background or textured dark beige one? Facial features or not? Still not sure, and it’s Thursday, so I’ll just throw everything here for you to see.





In other news, this week is a double anniversary week: on February 10th, my blog turned 10, and on Valentine Day, it will be exactly 4 years that we moved from France to the USA. Now if that isn’t enough to require eating a cake, I don’t know what is. Cheers!