A random map pattern that would get you lost in the subway

A random map pattern that would get you lost in the subway

This week’s repeat pattern reminds me of a subway map, but without the efficiency and the leading-you-somewhere part. I was inspired by the work of Janice Caswell (the images on her site are so tiny I’d recommend making a Google image search on her name to get a better idea), spotted in the book The Map As Art.

I’m delighted to have found that mug template. I’ve always had a thing for mugs. Who doesn’t like mugs, I wonder?









Here’s an animated gif showing the evolution of the pattern, including two preliminary versions I rejected for being too messy. This week’s biggest victory: first, that I managed to post anything, and second, that I eventually managed to create this animated gif in Photoshop. Intuitive it was not. It should work fine but if you don’t see the animation, please try to right-click to open the gif in a new window!

Seeing those steps again makes me realize I rather like the pre-colorizarization pale grey version. What do you think?