Illustration Friday: a dark, moody Metropolis

Illustration Friday: a dark, moody Metropolis

This week’s theme on Illustration Friday was too tempting to resist: Metropolis. It’s hard to read that word without immediately thinking about Fritz Lang’s movie, isn’t it? I didn’t even try to snap out of that influence, and aimed from the start to create a dark, vintage-inspired image. Almost to my surprise, the final result is very close to the kind of atmosphere I had in mind, with a hint of Fritz Lang (?) and a pinch of Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow. I hope.




Since the image looks a little bit like a poster, adding a title seemed like a natural step. It was hard to pick a font, though, or maybe it’s just because I have too many to choose from, thanks in part to Design Cuts (where I also found the ink textures heavily used in this illustration)! The dotted version (Marujo) is less obvious than the others and makes the atmosphere slightly more cheerful, which I like too.




Since some of you appreciated last week’s animated gif, here’s another one showing some of the main steps of the process. I used Illustrator to create the basic shapes of the buildings and Photoshop for everything else, (very muted) colors and textures.