Flying bunnies pattern, or to each her own obsessions

Flying bunnies pattern, or to each her own obsessions

Can you believe I’ve been obsessed with flying bunnies for almost a decade? I can’t remember how the idea first popped into my mind, but I certainly remember how it became an obsession: I blame Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. More accurately, the wonderful rabbits floating on the screen during the end credits. See, in case you wondered if I’d post another thing inspired by a bleak German 1927 movie like last week, you can stop worrying.

Surprisingly, I had never made a flying bunny pattern, but I can check that off my list now, thanks to this week’s project.





notebooks-mockup cup-mockup


And to show you that I’m not kidding about the ongoing aspect of the obsession, see the images below. Those polymer clay rabbits are from 2006, I originally intended to make a necklace out of them (I know), but then thought a whole constellation of them would look great on a wall (still haven’t done that). The bag is from 2008, and it was my main bag for years, until it fell apart.










What will be my next flying rabbits project? Only the future will tell. If you have ideas, I’m all ears. Which is only fitting.