Wire and fabric: Jasper the Dog

Wire and fabric: Jasper the Dog

Surprise, no illustration or pattern today. I had so much fun with an exercise for the class Year of the Spark that I made it my project for this week.

The object of the exercise: creating an animal shape with wire (not unlike a drawing one-liner, except in volume), then wrap fabric/twine/ribbons/etc. around it, and see what happens. No careful planning and little control on the outcome, which required an effort on my part.

I created the armature in coated electric wire, then filled the shape with random fabric, and used that same random fabric to create a rough first layer (not pictured here).




The best part was to pick the main fabric, a shockingly pink cotton. I cut thin strips, on the bias to avoid crazy unravelling of the raw edges, and there I was, wrapping and wrapping around my little pink mummy. Because I couldn’t help it, I hand stitched almost every loose end instead of just wrapping another strip on top of them.




And then that poor creature begged me to become a proper dog, so I added hand sewn felt facial features. And voilà, here’s Jasper!

He loves scritchies.




Maybe he was a cat in a previous life? Or maybe a distant relative of my pink kangaroo. In any case, he looks so baroo.