Retro flowers

Retro flowers

Let’s revisit a drawing from my 365 Drawing Experiment, this week, shall we? And let’s say it was planned all along, nothing to do with finding a quick idea to replace a pattern that turned out so badly I would have been ashamed to post it.

So, the image I chose to revisit is number 330, posted last November. It was made by hand on a simple index card with black Micron pens.




Here’s my new colored version, with added textures and grungification to increase the retro effect of the original image.




And here are the flowers on various objects. Look, a kraft paper bag, I had never used this one before!




And what about that alternative pink and yellow version?




You know what’s funny? Well, sort of funny. Even though my project this year, posting one new image a week, seems infinitely less difficult than last year’s daily project, there have been several weeks when I barely made it, for many reasons. So even if I sometimes have to resort to last minute ideas and quick execution, I’m glad I’ve kept my promise so far, and posted every Thursday since the beginning of 2015. At worst I can consider some of my posts are works in progress I’ll be able to improve on later. Right? Right. OK. 15 weeks down, 37 to go. See you next week!