Instagram-inspired abstract blobs

Instagram-inspired abstract blobs

This week’s project is all about abstract gray blobs with a touch of leafy green. And a cat that isn’t mine but is the perfect color, so I couldn’t resist.


Mockup Scene Creator


So, how did this abstract image come to life?

1. I was looking at everything I’ve posted since the beginning of this year, and so far, my favorite images are probably the simplest and most abstract ones (birdies blogged here, and more about the connected dots here).




2. Martha McQuade posted images of concrete shapes on Instagram (not the first time I mention her work as an inspiration): you can see those shapes here, here, here. I loved those shapes so much I needed to do something about it.


3. It reminded me of some of the images I created during last year’s 365 Drawing Experiment.




4. Which also reminded me that duh, yes, of course, I love abstract art, and the images above were probably unconsciously inspired in part by Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd of Inaluxe, whose work I’ve been following for years, but even more so since they started posting on Instagram.


So I aimed to create something in the spirit of last year’s drawings, but directly inspired by Martha’s pictures. Which mostly evolved like this:




And here’s the final version.



With inky texture detail.




About that cat, though: the template (by I used to create the mockup comes with all kinds of accessories. Bibi the cat is one of them.