A geometric image inspired by a telescope in Antarctica

A geometric image inspired by a telescope in Antarctica

The image that inspired this week’s project has been pasted in one of my notebooks since 2012, and lingering on at the back of my mind ever since: an image of the South Pole Telescope. You can see it here (image n°5), or here (the image is much bigger once clicked). I liked it so much I started doodling logo ideas for my site, based on the beautiful geometric shapes. So far, they’ve remained doodles, scattered around the pasted image.

Why would I ever want a logo inspired by the South Pole Telescope? Because, on top of being really beautiful, it’s also full of symbols and meanings for me.

Because it’s a telescope, and I used to dream of becoming an astronaut or an astrophysicist.

Because it’s in Antarctica, a place I find so fascinating it inspired my website name: Adelie Land (Terre Adélie) is the name of the territory claimed by France in Antarctica, one of the 5 districts of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. I’m completely enthralled by the idea of those remote, isolated places with extreme climates.

And because it reminds me of a beautiful sentence Gaston Bachelard wrote in his book The Poetics of Space, that I’ve been thinking about for more than 15 years and almost consider a motto: “If a poet looks through a telescope or a microscope, he always sees the same”.

So, I didn’t try to create the logo I had in mind in 2012, it’s just a simple interpretation of what the telescope looks like. I didn’t have to go very far, I just copied a portion of the beautiful 10-metre-diameter dish and, as always, played with the colors and textures.