A closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge

A closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge

Like approximately a few million people, I love the Golden Gate Bridge. After more than 4 years in San Francisco, there’s still a thrill when I catch a glimpse of the bridge’s iconic silhouette, but what I want to talk about today is what’s underneath: isn’t that lacy steel structure gorgeous?






I’ve already explored several aspects of San Francisco, including:

I felt it was time to do something about the Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted to turn that metal lace (like the Eiffel Tower’s distant cousin, dressed in International Orange?) into something. A repeat pattern, maybe? So I grungified and played with colors, as always, and here’s the result.







Then I realized I also liked the image before the repeat.





And now I don’t know which one I prefer. I think I like both, so instead of picking one, I’ll just share everything and let you choose for yourself. Cheers!