A MATS class assignment: ceramic collection

A MATS class assignment: ceramic collection

Last week, like every week since the beginning of the Make Art That Sells/Home Decor class, I created a collection of home decor objects. The substrate of the week was ceramic, the main theme lettering, and for the first time, I feel like sharing the resulting collection here. Progress!

I’ve been meaning to try lettering for so long. After all, I used to be obsessed with calligraphy, from my early teens to my early twenties, and now that I spend most of my time drawing, trying to draw letters seems to make sense? Tell that to my brain, though, who doesn’t find it natural at all to “draw” letters. In the end, it took me way too long to get to that poor result, but I’m so happy that I at least tried.

Here’s a quote by Cicero, on a plate (because it’s all about home decor, remember?), that inspired all the other elements of the collection: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”.




Those bowls are the first products I created during the class that I would actually love to have in my home, especially the one with the flowers.




A library you say, Cicero? What about ceramic bookends, then?

bookendsOr even better, a cat planter, inspired by the A in library.
And here’s what every student in the class aims to create each week: a presentation of a whole collection. Still a long way to go, but believe me, each week’s attempt got slightly better than the previous one, which is all I can ask for when taking an intensive class like this one.