The White Cat, a tale and a book cover exercise

The White Cat, a tale and a book cover exercise

We just finished week 3 of the MATS A class about children’s picture books, and our assignment was to create a 2-page spread or a book cover to illustrate a tale by the comtesse d’Aulnoy, The White Cat. I ended up having very little time to work on it, so I did something bad: I started with the lettering and layout and only then began drawing the characters. In the end, it didn’t work too bad for the prince, but the cat is still in great need of work, and I’m not sure about all that gray, but none of the more colorful options seemed to work, so I submitted the version below.




Here’s a quick overview of the work in progress. Several elements from the 365 Drawing Experiment got a second life in that illustration: a hipster dude and a cat acted as body doubles while I figured out what the final characters would look like, and I was thinking of doing the same with the frames (from here and here) but they somehow made it to the final image.